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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Make the Most of Your Application Pen Test


There are many important decisions to be made in the planning, fieldwork, and delivery phases of an application penetration test that are complex and can drastically impact the quality and value of your security investment.

•  What should your priorities be?
•  Are you testing for the right things?
•  How do you consume the results?
•  What should you expect from a report?

Join veteran penetration tester and lead researcher at Bishop Fox, Dan Petro as he leads you step-by-step through the process of leveraging penetration testing services from start to finish, with an eye on these key decision points. You will see firsthand how a good pen test unfolds and how to ensure you receive the best quality report from your provider. 

  1. How can you effectively prepare for aapplication pen test?
  2. What should you consider when scoping pen test? 
  3. What are key ways to optimize a pen test and ensure priorities are met?
  4. How do you know if a pen test was successful?
  5. How can you effectively consume a pen test report and understand what it's saying?
  6. What should you expect from a 3rd party pen testing service?


Bishop Fox Lead Researcher Dan-Petro HeadshotDan Petro focuses on application penetration testing, product security reviews, network penetration, and cryptographic analysis. With over seven years of security experience, Dan has provided security assessments for businesses of all sizes – from the Fortune 10 to the latest high-tech startups. Dan has presented at several Black Hats, HOPE, BSides, and DEF CONs on topics such as weaponizing AI, hacking smart safes, and hijacking Google Chromecasts. He has developed several open-source tools including Eyeballer, an AI-powered tool designed to help pen testers assess large-scale external perimeters, and Untwister, which breaks pseudorandom number generators. Additionally, Dan has been quoted in Wired, The Guardian, Business Insider, and Mashable. Dan holds both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Arizona State University. 

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