Secure the Applications that Power the Modern Enterprise

As adoption of enterprise software as a service (SaaS) grows, high-profile SaaS application data breaches are on the rise too. The most widely used gateway architecture solutions lack visibility into the complex, unique characteristics of each SaaS application. And keeping up with the ever-changing security configurations of each SaaS provider can be an overwhelming, time-consuming task. This work overload can result in user errors that cause cloud application security to fail.

Enterprises need a new approach that provides visibility into the security of their entire stack of SaaS applications and platforms.

AppOmni streamlines the process of configuring and managing SaaS applications to meet the security needs of the enterprise. It offers unmatched data access visibility, centralized management, and security controls that integrate seamlessly into any SaaS environment to help secure sensitive data.


Solution Benefits


DISCOVER risks that jeopardize the security posture of enterprise SaaS apps.

  • Find out who has access to what data within and outside of your company
  • Identify application misconfigurations and policy violations
  • Manage third-party applications and OAuth grants
  • Uncover the use of sensitive configurations and administrative actions

PROTECT sensitive data against unauthorized access, loss, and compromise.

  • Develop comprehensive policies and guardrails to prevent data exposure
  • Manage critical security settings, detect changes, and offer remediation
  • Apply application security best practices during pre-production
  • Receive alerts for suspicious activity and when security is compromised

MONITOR configuration changes, user activity, and access continuously.

  • Maintain continuous visibility of SaaS application configurations
  • Integrate with 250+ third-party solutions, including SIEM and collaboration tools
  • Uphold mandatory compliance as well as privacy laws
  • Generate detailed reports to help meet compliance standards
Supported Enterprise SaaS Applications


Salesforce Microsoft 365 MS Teams
Slack Github Box


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